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2019 annual meeting of Shanghai hongtong industrial co., LTD


  In a flash, time flies, and blink of an eye to the annual meeting of the happy time. In 2018, we forge ahead and achieve new achievements in the New Year. With the leaders' catchy toasts, the 2019 annual conference officially begins. In order to reward the outstanding performance of some employees in the past year, the excellent employee award is hereby issued as an encouragement. After the award ceremony, the annual meeting performance is also wonderful. The comical seagrass dance, the tang bohu drama, the youth cool street dance, and the sonorous singing added a lot of fun to the annual meeting of hong tong. Speaking of the annual meeting, lucky draw is also essential, this lucky draw also let the staff return, the New Year will be full of harvest.


Leadership toast


Awards for outstanding staff


Seaweed dance


Tong pak fu lights up Chou heung