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Warm celebrate the company as a member of Shanghai medical device association



  July 26, the association "seven session six time director expansion conference" held in suzhou qingshan convention center. More than 120 representatives from the association's President, vice President and governing unit attended the meeting. Members of the board of supervisors and relevant members of the secretariat attended the meeting. Leaders of suzhou fengqiao street and suzhou new district high-tech industry co., LTD attended the meeting and delivered an enthusiastic speech.


  The meeting heard secretary general zhu fengqin's "report on the work of the association in the first half of 2018". She summarized the major work of the association in the first half of 2018 from six aspects, and introduced the six major work of the association in the second half of the year and the development status and prospect of Shanghai medical device industry in 2017 (abstract). Focusing on the theme of "the healthy development of medical device industry needs to create a good legal environment", vice secretary-general wang yunlong made a special report on the association's recent participation in the construction of medical device laws and regulations. Four bills were considered and adopted by the participants through a show of hands. A motion to adjust the standards of association dues; Yin agreed to add Shanghai hongtong industrial co., LTD as the association's vice President unit and add Shanghai shangyuan dental technology co., LTD as the association's director unit. Proposal on the establishment of the association's professional committee on intelligent health equipment (tentative name). The board members also completed the "consultation form on the revised part of the membership fee standard" by anonymous. According to the regulations, the act will be submitted to the next member congress for deliberation.