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Hongtong Industrial won the support of the city's industrial base (second batch)


  Songjiang District Shanghai Hongtong Industrial Co., Ltd. was listed in the list of 2018 industrial strong bases (second batch) to be supported by the Municipal Economic and Information Commission. Shanghai Hongtong Industrial Co., Ltd. has been focusing on equipment R&D, production and service in the field of cardiac electrophysiology for more than 20 years. The project to be supported by the project, "Highly Integrated Cardiac Physiological Recording System", is based on the core technology of the company. The leading imaging medical device company, as well as high-end medical device products industrialized by many leading research and clinical institutions such as Fudan University, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai Changhai Hospital and Shanghai Changzheng Hospital. After the product is launched, it will be the smallest and most integrated product of its kind in China and even in the world. It will fill the gap in high-end electrophysiological equipment that can be integrated with angiography equipment in China, improve the integration level of cardiac interventional surgery, and enhance the technical foundation of the industry. Break the monopoly of foreign companies on high-end electrophysiological technology.